Wifi and Network connectivity support

Wifi and Network connectivity support

Networking and internet connect play a pivotal role at workplaces for data transfer, transactions, mailing and various other similar jobs. If the internet connection is slow or dropped again and again, it is not good for business. Slow or dropped network connection may turn into big losses. To avoid such issues occuring at your workstation, you can contact us and our engineers are ready to help you overcome your network issues, and provide you complete solutions and services for networking and internet. Our core team of networking engineers are responsible for keeping networking and internet connection at workplaces and households maintained and in working condition. Right from cabling to switches to routers, subnets, IP Addressing, DNS, wireless networks, Off-line access to similar other services, we are a one stop solution. 

For VoIP services, VPN services and for any kind of internet and networking solution, we are a reliable platform in New York. Some of the added services and solutions provided by our experienced experts include:

  • Complete networking and internet solutions along with IP and CDN solutions, and enterprise IP
  • Performance IP, MIRO, Private Network Access and Points, Border Gateway and Protocol
  • Managed Network services and managed IP security services
  • Route performance monitoring and Home Networking Consultation
  • Networking Installation (Both Wired and Non-wired)
  • Network troubleshooting and repair as well as adding devices to the existing networks
  • Network management and administration along with Remote Infrastructure Management

Our engineers provide quick solutions according to the requirement. We charge genuine prices with no hidden or extra charges. If you are looking for contracting of such works, we are happy to offer you complete solutions at monthly fixed prices. Feel free to make a call or fill in online query form and get the right solutions from the comfort of home.



Still struggling with a slow network connection? Allow us a chance to fix the faulty network connection and boost your wi-fi signal.

  • Troubleshoot faulty network issues.
  • Install and configure network cards and wireless connections.
  • Configure and secure a router.
  • Create a secure network.
  • Coordinate setup preferences.
  • Connect peripheral devices to the wireless network.
Wifi and Network connectivity support