Computer Repair & Support

Computer Repair & Support

Overheating often causes sudden shut down in your laptop/ computer, while any internal part of your laptop/ computer e.g. a hard disk may result in blue screen. A few common problems caused by sudden accidents are broken display, problem in charging point, DVD Driver damage, problem in Motherboard  or even liquid spilling on the keyboard, etc result in damaging the system.

Manhattan Computer Services online assistance will help resolve your issues at once! Our executive will develop a secure connection to your computer/laptop and will troubleshoot your issues right in front of you.


Our Engineers are fully trained to resolve issues including:

  • Completely damaged or broken display
  • Keyboard damage, computer crashes, blue screen, no image on screen and lines across the screen
  • Software issue, malware removal and spill damaged startup problems e.g. computer won't boot
  • Identify and troubleshoot issues.
  • Faulty parts replaced on any laptop, desktop, mac or server
  • Tune up and optimization services, password recovery, software issue resolved and liquid spills
  • Internet connection difficulties and maintenance contracts available for office and small business environments
  • Virus, Trojan, Malware Spyware removal
  • Retrieval of important files and photos
  • Advanced Diagnostics, Repair and Prevention
  • Computer Optimization, Hardware Install and Software Install
  • Operating System Install, Peripheral Set-up (Printer, Digital Camera, Fax Machine, Etc)
  • Restoring missing applications or install new one
  • Removing viruses and malicious programs and updating anti-viruses
  • Replacing computer and networking hardware components
  • All kind of computer hardware repairing and installation of new devices (if required)
  • Installing new computer system and Laptop repair

In addition, we also identity various other computer related problems by performing computer diagnostic services. Our in-house network and computer diagnostic engineers are knowledgeable courteous and prompt. We also offer round the clock services; thus you can make a call or fill the query form anytime and get the services. For remote monitoring services and services at monthly fixed prices for any kind of computer repair, we are a one stop solution in New York.

If your work is getting delayed because of technical issues and you feel frustrated, please feel free to Contact Us by giving us a call or even send an email and we will get back to you. 

Computer Repair & Support